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Spring 2002

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In the spring of 2002 we returned to the hospital to carry out some repairs and adjustments. Although the systems were all working at the end of the autumn season in 2001 there had been some liquid loss from the heat storage tank. The tank base had some damage that had to be repaired. Nima had to get into the tank to fit a plastic patch and layers of sand as a base. We then fitted a bladder that we had had made up for us in the UK. Dave had then to get into the tank to fit the bladder – along with the tank being filled with water at about 01 degree centigrade! To fit the bladder all of the plumbing needed to be removed and refitted in such a way that we did not need to cut into the newly fitted bladder very often. Dave Halton and Pemba made up some new coils that could be fitted through the top access hatch along with all but two of the feed and supply pipes. I have heard of plumber call outs for a leak but I think that this is a little far!

We also had to replace one of the temporary main feed pipes with the correct item, this involved digging down to the pipe and inserting a splice. Whilst there we fitted automatic air bleed valves into the central heating system to remove the requirement to frequently manually bleed to system of air. Some work needed to carried out on one of the circuit boards of the wind turbine controller along with minor adjustments to the system.

On our return to Kathmandu we found a press conference had been arranged with the HRA. This provided us with an opportunity to tell what we had been doing and update people with the results. Sandy took the opportunity to present the HRA with an ECG machine to be used at Pheriche.

Fall 2002

FALL 2002 Update Picture Gallery

Fall 2002

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Prior to and during the start of the Autumn 2002 season Vic Last, Richard Holland from England accompanied by some Sherpas and John Bean spent two weeks at the hospital painting and decorating the building internally and weather proofing external woodwork. Some maintenance and servicing was also carried out.

Vic and Richard worked from Dawn to Dusk assisted mainly by Canchi Sherpa and Chichi Sherpa (who had been our Sherpanis for the trek up to the hospital). Although painting was a completely new ‘pastime’ for the two Sharpens, who were far more used to portering up and down the trail for their wages, they took to the task with gusto. There was endless chatter and laughter whilst they worked – especially when dressed with polythene sheeting taped to them to protect their clothing from the paint splatters.

The bulk of the work was completed prior to the doctors beginning their work although when they did move into the building there was a good game of chess played between where they worked and which rooms were freshly painted and still wet.

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