Whilst the hospital at Pheriche has been rebuilt and nearly completed the Memorial sculpture has been created. The Memorial sculpture Broken Whole - has been conceived and created by the British sculptor, Mr Oliver Barrett. It is to be erected in the grounds in front of the HRA hospital at Pheriche.

Oliver Barrett, the Nepalise Ambassador to the UK and Mr. Peter Earl

Photogarphs of the sculpture insitu at Pheriche

Exibition of the memorial at the Beardsmere gallery, London

The Memorial has been commissioned by The Everest Memorial Trust to both celebrate the extraordinary human drive that motivates people to go beyond the boundaries of their everyday lives and the tragic consequences of the risks inherent in this ambition. Oliver visited the village and surrounding area with those working on the hospital in a combined reconnaissance trip during the spring of 2000 to get a closer look and feel for the area where the sculpture could be sited.

The sculpture is a Memorial to the 174 climbers who have died in the ascent of Mt Everest. The work will be manufactured in the UK, shipped to Nepal in component parts and carried by porters the seven day trip to the site14,600 feet up in the Himalayas, one days walk from Everest Base Camp.

The sculpture will be transported to Nepal during this winter (2002/2003) and be at Pheriche for erection during the spring of 2003. The unveiling is planned for the latter part of the spring and will coincide with the general celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the first recorded successful climb of Mt Everest.

As can be seen from the photographs taken during its creation the sculpture is a two metre high, polished stainless steel cone that has been split vertically down the centre. The two halves of the cone will be placed 70cm apart with the names of all those who have perished on the Nepalese slopes of Mt Everest and surrounding flanks inscribed on the inner facing surfaces. At the moment 64% of those remembered are Nepali.

Boxed and ready for shipping to Nepal

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