Other Projects

On this page we detail other projects undertaken by the Everest Memorial Trust.

Nima Jelgi Sherpa

One further spin off from the building has been the decision by the EMT to send a young Sherpa who has worked throughout the length of the project with John Bean to an electrical training school to become an electrician. His course is for 2 years but his willingness to help at all time and all weathers is worthy of recognition and reward. More like him will hopefully follow in the future and will be funded by the EMT.

Furikiter and Dafuti Sherpa

In addition to the EMT sponsoring Nima Gelje Sherpa through his college training to be an electrician The Trust has now undertaken to educate the two young children of Pemba and Canchi Sherpa. The two children, Furikiter (age 5) and Dafuti (age 3) will be educated in Kathmandu to whatever standard they can achieve. This will be full time boarding as it is some distance from their village of Churrikhaka in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal.

This will be a long term undertaking for the trust as the children will need their food, transport, lodging, and uniforms provided along with the educational fees. But is a fitting reward for all the loyal help over the years given by Pemba and his wife Canchi.

Furikiter (5 Years)

Dafuti (3 Years)

We are investigating the possibility of solar driven hydroponic projects around Nepal.

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